This is the site of the drummer and composer Andy Winkler.

Andy lives in Vienna, Austria. He started playing drums at the age of 6 and has been a professional drummer for more than 20 years, focused on mainly Jazz, Pop and Latin music. His passion for music and especially drums and percussion has inspired lots of travel to perform with various bands and acts.

After receiving positive reactions to his compositions from the audience, he decided to sharpen his innate talent for composing by enrolling in courses on arrangement & composition at the University of Music in Vienna. He further advanced his music knowledge through a Master's degree course at the Danube University Krems: Music for Film & Media.

Andy teaches drums and Music Production in the music school in Vösendorf and also does workshops.

On request he records drums in his well equipped studio as a service for other composers. Find more information here.


1/2019 - Interview with Andy Winkler

Interview Andy Winkler

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When Andy Winkler started composing, he did this on request for the bands he was playing with. So he assimilated a wide range of styles which makes his compositions rich and deep. After a while he started to score for media, which gave his music a whole new flavour. His Ideas are unique but in all the different moods and styles you always will hear himself. Listen to his music which reaches from Jazz & World stage music to orchestral scoring, from music for games to music for imagefilms and epic soundtracks.

Orchestral score

Action Comedy

Image Video

Animation (rescored)

Epic news

Opening Titles (rescored)


Andy Winkler and the Vienna Big Band Project

Worked with Eddie Cole, Rounder Girls, Lana Gordon, Stella Jones, Yta Moreno, Celia Mara, Anna Lauvergnac, Erwin Schmidt, Robert Bachner, Ursula Slawicek, Luis Ribeiro, Hannes Oberwalder, Paolo Brasil, Martin Spitzer, Lorenz Raab, Sascha Lackner, Sascha Peres, Mario Kamien, Hans Zinkl, Jeff Frohner, Peter Rapp, Sandra Lawson, Werner Feldgrill, Hartmut Kamm, Thomas Huber, Miguel Kertsman, Sofyann Ben Youseff, Rü Kostron, ...

Big Band Vienna Big Band Project, All Time Swing Big Band, Big One Band, ...

Musicals & Theater Jesus Christ Superstar, A Tribute to Black Music, Alice in wonderland, Just so, ...

TV-shows Treffpunkt Kultur (Billy Rubin Trio, Celia Mara), Licht ins Dunkel

Concerts & tours in Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, England, Turkey, Romania, ...

Recordings for Sofyann Ben Youssef, Kris Jefferson, Billy Rubin Trio, Celia Mara, Helpasol Gospel, Gina Schwarz, Groove Hunters, Walking Shoes Quintett, Cole & the Gang, Miguel Kertsmann, The FeMale Jazz Quartett, Christof Unterberger, ...


Andy Winkler playes in a lot of styles from Samba to Dixieland, from Pop & Dancemusic to Funk. Besides playing in temporary projects he is the drummer of this bands:

ART anno

Music from the films of 1930 to 1960

The FeMale Jazz Art

Original compositions, Jazz & Worldmusic

Celina & the Gang

Dinnerjazz & Dancemusic - Eventband

Prinz Wabra Trio

jazzy & funky Guitartrio

D R U M - R E C O R D I N G

Production Studio of Andy Winkler

Need live drums?

There are several reasons for wanting the drums to be played by a live musician. Andy wrote his Masterthesis about this topic, you can read it in english or the german version.

The main reasons are:

  • You want a high quality drumtrack, but it's difficult to program the drum in this style - for example in Jazz
  • You don't have enough time or don't want to program drums by yourself
  • You don't know enough about genre-specific drumparts
  • You don't have a good sounding library which fits the genre of your composition
  • You want to give your composition the human feel, the "live recorded" touch, bring the drumtrack to life, let it breath
  • You want to bring additional inspiration of an experienced musician to your composition

For all these reasons Andy can help you. Send your music and get back a live recorded drum track. Andy has lots of top sounding gear and a lot of experience and inspiration. A professional drummer with more than 20 years of experience he is able to cover a lot of styles. But this is not all. Andy is also a composer for film and media and therefore knows a lot about music and production and your needs.

Andy Winkler on recording drums for you

It's easy

Simply send your track and a click track. Also send (if you have) an idea how you want the drums to sound and to be played - a temptrack, leadsheet or style description. Of course it would be good to talk by phone or skype to refine your ideas.

What you get

You'll get back 11 wav-files (2x OH, BD, Snare top, Snare bottom, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, HH, 2x Room) and/or various percussion tracks. In addition you can get an already mixed great sounding stereo drum track - no more work for you. Enjoy having live played drums on your composition. It's also possible to order a Midi-Track played on the e-drums.


Sonor Prolite, Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute, Gretsch 70th's Jazzset
8 differnt snares in different sizes and materials (wood, brass, steel)
Cymbals from Bosphorus, Zildjan, Meinl, Istanbul, Wuhan, Paiste

cajon, congas, bongos, timbales, darabouka, small percussions (shaker, cowbell, triangel, ...)

Recording equipment:
RME fireface 800, Focusrite Octopre MKII, AKG D112, C214, C1000, Audix D2, D4, I5, Shure SM57, Adam A7X-Monitorspeaker, Logic X and Cubase 8

Example recordings

Hear Andy jamming to a simple bass line on the Gretsch Jazzset. You'll hear different styles and at the end nice groovy hand-drumming.

The next example track is a song called Memphis Stomp. Piano is played by Dave Crusin. Andy comes up with inspirational drumming on the funky tuned Sonor Prolite drumset.

On the third track Andy is playing drums for "Project Lied-Gut". This was recorded with e-drums, but using real Cymbals (Midi and audiorecording)

"Begin again" - this is a Popsong of singer Caroline Melani and composer Christof Unterberger. You can buy the CD here. For this track Andy tuned down his Sonor drumset.

Red Bull TV-Jingle

Short Film (excerpts, played with brushes, composer Wolfgang Setik)